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Mediterranean Chicken Bowls

Loaded with toasted orzo and fresh veggies, this bowl is perfect for a weekend lunch at home.

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The Low Key Classic

A classic American breakfast with scrambled eggs, thick cut turkey bacon, sun-dried tomato & spinach potatoes, and sourdough toast.

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Perfect for the home chef or anyone that maybe, sort of, knows their way around the kitchen. Find an easy recipe that looks delicious and make it at home in under 30 minutes without breaking the bank.

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These easy recipes provide step by step instructions to help you create simple gourmet recipes from the comfort of your own kitchen.

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These one pan meals are quick, easy and delicious. Save on time and make clean-up a breeze when you try one of these quick and easy recipes.

Gourmet The Lazy Way.

It's what Low Key Cooking is all about. I'm a home chef that loves the art of cooking delicious and beautiful food. Everything I share with you will both look and taste gourmet, they're healthy (mostly), they're affordable and quick to throw together. I want to share my love of cooking with you, and I hope that in turn, you'll love it as much as I do.